About Me

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I am a writer, actor, spiritual consultant, visual art dabbler and Reiki Master. I am grateful to live in beautiful Southern California with my family close by.

My current book, “A Trauma Toolbox, How to Include Your Soul in Healing Trauma,” is the culmination of many years of trauma healing, and spiritual seeking.  For me, engaging my soul along with therapy was crucial as I’ve always turned to God for strength and support throughout my life. I hope the tools I’ve learned will help others on this journey.

I find loving guidance in the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. I try to include a variety of teachings in my writing for truly, we are all one, trying to connect with the One. I believe all faiths should be honored for the wisdom they contain, and the basic message of all religions is to treat one another with loving kindness. May it be so.

I worked many years as an educator and educational counselor. I published group counseling curriculum addressing self-esteem in girls called “Just Look at Yourself” and one for boys, addressing self-control, called “Start Your Engines.”

I’ve also had stories featured in these anthologies:

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