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Welcome to the Author webpage of Victoria McGee. If you’ve found your way here, you have probably experienced trauma in your life and are looking for help and healing. Victoria is a survivor of trauma herself and writes about incorporating your soul on your healing journey. 
You’ll find that focusing your mind and soul on healing tools like mindfulness, breath, prayer, and meditation actually creates new neuro-pathways that help calm your trauma response, giving you more control of overwhelming feelings, and helping your body and brain find balance again.
Victoria’s book, A Trauma Toolbox, How to Include Your Soul in Healing Trauma, gives you practical tools to implement each day. It follows the 26 letters of the alphabet with a word for each day. Every chapter includes thoughts on that healing word, a guided meditation setting an intention for the day, and a journal prompt too!
This book gives you bite-size daily healing, not in-depth clinical information on trauma, but gentle words that serve as a balm for your injured soul.
The book is now available on Amazon in digital or paperback format and getting wonderful reviews! The companion card deck helps keep your thoughts and healing focused throughout the day – also available now on Amazon! 
“Easy to use and super helpful to get us back to self compassion!”
“…a fresh look and useful tools for trauma recovery.” 
“Her writing style is so calming, her words so wise and the tools so powerful but practical.”
Victoria’s words express an innate need for God to be part of your healing, in whatever form you call the source of Divine Love. Hopefully, you will find some comfort and grace in her writing. 

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